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Need a solicitor?

Once you have agreed an offer with your Estate Agent, you then require a solicitor or conveyancer to transfer the legal ownership of the property from seller to buyer.

There are two very important requirements in this process and not all solicitors are good at both (or either!)

  1. Efficiency. Conveyancing involves a lot of paperwork and searches etc. It takes a very thorough person to get everything right first time and in a timely manner.
  2. Communication. Conveyancing is the time that things can potentially go wrong. It can be stressful for buyers and sellers alike. All problems can be overcome by timely communication.


Finding the right solicitor who has proven to be good at both is therefore imperative.

Reid Estates have worked with most firms for decades. We know the good ones and those to avoid. More importantly we take control of the communication to ensure all parties are up to date and take over and resolve any problems that may arise. This ensures a smooth transition of ownership and takes all the stress away from both buyers and sellers.

To find out who you should use as a solicitor complete the contact us form and highlight Residential, Commercial or Farms

How long will it take from sale / purchase agreed to completion?
How much will it cost?
Who will handle the conveyancing?
How much should I offer on a property?
What information will the solicitor require from me?
I have inherited a property what do I do?
I am getting divorced and need to sell the family home
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