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Independent Mortgage Brokers and Financial Advisors
The importance of having the right mortgage and having your financial affairs in order prior to purchase cannot be over emphasised.

There are several thousand mortgage products on the market, many of the best deals are not available on the high street.

Many brokers can arrange preferential rates with a lender, which you can’t gain access to as an individual, searching the high street. It is therefore important to start the process early to give our independent mortgage advisors every opportunity to find the best deal for you.

Even if you th
Need a solicitor?
Once you have agreed an offer with your Estate Agent, you then require a solicitor or conveyancer to transfer the legal ownership of the property from seller to buyer.

There are two very important requirements in this process and not all solicitors are good at both (or either!)
  1. Efficiency. Conveyancing involves a lot of paperwork and searches etc. It takes a very thorough person to get everything right first time and in a timely manner. 
  2. Communication. Conveyancing is the time that things can potentially go wrong. It can be stressful for buyer
Electrical Installations
When selling a house in Scotland you are required to have a Home Report done before you market the house. (See Home Reports)

The most important part of a home report for a buyer is the Single Survey which shows all recommendations for repairs, broken down into category 1, 2 or three. 

It is very difficult to sell a property with a list of category three. Buyers want to see a list of category 1.
This can be difficult if your home is more than 10 years old.

When completing a home report the surveyor is not an electrician and will not te
Gardening services
Professional gardening services and soft landscaping.

The two most important things in selling a house is the kitchen and garden.

Ensuring both are well presented can make the difference between getting an early sale at the right price or not.
If you would like advice on how best to present your garden, or if you would like a help to maintain your present garden or future house purchase, contact us to get the right recommendations and alleviate disappointment.
New Kitchen?
Buying a house in need of a new kitchen?

Selling your current house, but the kitchen letting you down?

Buyers today want to walk in and sit down in their new home. They are no longer interested in “doing it up as they go along”. (It never gets done). Lenders are not keen to lend on a property that needs a lot of work, if they have to reposes, how do they sell? 

The kitchen is the most important room in the house, make sure it helps sell your house for the best price  
How do you control costs and get the best quality
How to choose an estate agent
The days of running up and down the high street looking in shop windows to see if you can find your ideal home has gone. It is now a worldwide market with many buyers identifying property from out of area.
We all do our initial research on the internet, creating a short list of properties, we the contact the agents to arrange a viewing.
It is therefore imperative as a seller to instruct an Estate Agent with the maximum internet coverage.
Each property portal lists property in different ways and provide an array of searches. They also give the Agent “tools” to m
Property is often the greatest asset most people own.
It is therefore important that it is insured properly. Many shop around for the cheapest quote, only to find in the 
event of a claim, that they were underinsured or not covered for that event.
Insuring your property does not need to be expensive, but it do
All properties in Scotland must have a Home Report completed prior to being advertised for sale.
This not only outlines the condition of the property, it places a value on it.
This value has now become the norm for marketing purposes and mortgage lenders. Rarely will someone pay over the value and a Bank will certainly not lend more.
It is therefore imperative that this is done with the greatest of care and accuracy.
Some properties are more difficult to value than others.
If your neighbour sold their semi-detached last year, that price plus house price infla
Painting and Decorating
Ensuring your home is presented well to the market is paramount, selecting the best qualified tradesmen at sensible prices is an art in itself. For a quality job please contact us.
We can offer expertise in a wide range of painting and decorating services from the highest levels of proficiency in decorating methods. You will find more about my range of services below.
Moving house can be a stressfull process and dificult to arrange.
Take the stress out of moving by calling in the experts. Reid Estates can recomend the best in the area.
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